Introducing The Undercover Couriers | A Special Delivery Service from our Secret Singers

The Undercover Couriers

Searching for Secret singers? We are delighted to launch our brand news service, The Undercover Couriers!

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the heart-breaking cancellations of events, weddings and parties across the UK, we were determined to find a way to continue spreading the joy with our surprise performances!

Have one of our secret singers arrive at your loved one’s door disguised as a delivery driver.

Instead of a package, your secret singer will deliver a song, performed live especially for them!

This is the perfect surprise gift for a birthday, anniversary, ‘get well soon’, or ‘sorry you’re leaving’. Or simply just to let your family or friend know you love them. We will arrive unannounced at a prearranged time and sing their favourite song.

We’re offering a free special gift and 10% off for the first 20 bookings so get in there quick!

Email us today to book your Undercover Courier and create a forever memory for your loved one.

Who are we? Secret singers

We are The Undercover Waiters. A team of professional performers with a passion for making people’s special day that little bit more special.

In short, our secret singers go undercover at events of all shapes and sizes. From weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and dinners.

We disguise ourselves as the venue staff, serving food and drinks to you unsuspecting guests.

At the perfect moment we reveal our true identity. Bursting into song, creating the ultimate surprise and giving a performance your family, friends and colleagues will never forget.

Why should I hire The Undercover Couriers?

Firstly, we were regional finalists at the ‘Wedding Industry Awards’ and with two ‘I Do Magazine Awards’. We’re pleased to have these under our belt! Our secret singers are considered amongst the best in the country.

Secondly, having made it through our rigorous audition process and with qualifications from a range of leading performing arts schools, our secret singers know how to put on a show.

Above all, every one of our team have been selected for their charisma, acting prowess and incredible vocal ability.

In other words, no two performances from our secret singers are alike. Before the big day, we will have an informal chat with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for from the experience.

Therefore, we will create a unique scenario tailored to you and your loved ones and choose a song that is perfect for the occasion.

On the day, we’ll come prepared with a professional sound system and the highest quality backing tracks from trusted sources.

Want to find out more? Email to learn more about this exciting new service and book your Undercover Courier today!