Book secret singers for the ultimate birthday surprise | The Undercover Waiters

Book secret singers for the ultimate birthday surprise | The Undercover Waiters

We send our secret singers to all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate functions. In our latest series of blogs posts, we’ll be talking about the wide range of events that we have had the pleasure of performing at.

Today, we’re talking about birthday parties. Specifically, Joan’s birthday party which we performed at on New Year’s Day 2020.

This was such a special evening and one we always love reminiscing about. Read on to hear more about how we made Joan’s party one to remember!

A very special birthday party

We started off the year with a wonderful event. On January 1st, 2020 our secret singers sneaked into the 70th Birthday party of Joan held at Whitley Hall Hotel, blending in seamlessly with the waiting staff.

We were booked by Joan’s daughter, Debbie, who wanted to add the element of fun and surprise to her Mum’s special birthday.

Planning the show with secret singers

We planned the show down to the letter, making sure the reveal, the set list and the performance style were the perfect fit for Joan and her family and friends.

We sat down with Debbie to learn more about her plans for the party and Joan’s taste in music. We found out Joan was a big Motown fan, so we made sure the set was filled with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and The Temptations!

The day of the party

Our secret singers, Michael and Adam went undercover, helping serve the three-course meal before the big reveal.

The look on Debbie face was priceless as she saw all of the planning and preparation come together.

Joan’s face was a picture as well, as she had no idea what was going on. When all was revealed she absolutely loved it and was spinning her napkin, dancing and enjoying the Motown set list which we had planned out with Debbie to ensure her 70th Birthday was one to remember.

Why we love what we do

Making memories is what our secret singers are all about and it is what we achieve with each and every one of our shows.

This event was no exception. It was such a special evening.

After the show, Debbie approached us to say we had given her memories that she will treasure forever.

There really is no better feeling that hearing those words because that really is what life is about and sums up why we chose our slogan: ‘creating forever memories’.

What Debbie had to say about our secret singers

Absolutely fantastic entertainment from Michael & Adam!

All our guests commented on how amazing they were and no one suspected a thing! They got everyone singing and dancing and made such a fantastic atmosphere!

We had all ages at the party and every single one joined in and enjoyed their show!

Organising a birthday party for your friend or family member? Make it one to remember with a performance from our secret singers. Email us today!