Secret Singing Waiters will make your event stand out from the crowd

Secret Singing Waiters will make your event stand out from the crowd

Who are The Undercover Waiters?

The singing waiters, AKA The Undercover Waiters, are an award-winning event and wedding entertainment company. We specialise in bringing something special to weddings, parties and corporate events.

Launched in Leeds in 2016, our team of charismatic secret singers have performed at hundreds of weddings across the UK and Europe, as well as corporate functions hosted by the likes of Nissan, Age UK, Amazon and Gatwick Airport.

We’re committed to providing the highest standard of entertainment that will surprise and entertain your guests. All of our secret singers have been carefully selected from our audition process and have trained at some of the best theatre schools in London.

We select our singers for their charisma, repertoire and talent for entertaining to ensure every single one of our shows are filled with passion and create memories that will last forever.

What to expect from our singing waiters?

All of our performances are unique and choreographed to suit your own individual tastes.

However, there are a few things that we will always deliver: A completely believable waitering service, a stunning performance and, most importantly, a reveal that will blow your guests away.

Let’s take an example...

Michael, one of our team of talented singing waiters, travelled to France for Ben and Charlie’s wedding at Chateau de Varennes, one of CNN’s top 10 wedding venues in the world.

We were there to make what was already an amazing event even more memorable.

Michael arrived at the beautiful venue several hours before the guests arrived. He picked up his waiter uniform and made sure everything was set up and ready to go with the event DJ.

The song choices, performance style and the big reveal had had all been planned out to a tee with the bride and groom ahead of their big day, so Ben and Charlie could sit back and relax while the show unfurled.

The wedding guests arrived, and Michael got to work. He served food and poured drinks, blending in seamlessly with the professional waiting staff. All the while he was building a rapport with the guests, gauging the audience before the performance even began.

He had to tell a few white lies explaining why a man from Leeds with no French was serving at a wedding in France, but he got away with it.

The food was served, and tables were cleared, which meant it was time for the reveal. Michael ‘tripped’, with his tray of knives clattering to the floor.

Then before they knew it, Michael was singing to a room of stunned faces. His talent for entertaining soon got the audience to their feet, dancing and singing along.

With the guests on the dancefloor and the bride and groom beaming, Michael’s work was done. He finished his set and said his goodbyes, giving a few of singing lessons on his way out.


If you’d like to learn more get in touch today and check your date. We’d love to hear about your next event and how we can make it one to remember.