A Surprise French Singing Adventure

A Surprise French Singing Adventure

Singing Waiter Leeds | The Undercover Waiters

The moment when you get the call asking you to travel to France for a surprise singing experience for unsuspecting wedding guests. Let me think about that for a second…. YES

Two weeks prior I had a call from our booking team asking if I was up for going to France to attend the wedding of Charlie and Ben. And of course I said yes. We have done 100’s of weddings in the UK. But never had we been flown outside of the UK. Until now!

All the preparations were made and I had some lovely conversations with the bride and groom about song choices, what they wanted from their big day.

I spoke with the lovely Sonia at the Chateau who also advised what the uniform requirement was and also what time I needed to be there as to not arouse suspicion.

Well when I googled the venue I nearly fell out of my seat. It was on there as one of the top ten wedding venues worldwide as voted by #CNN. Chateau De Varennes If I was excited before I was even more excited now.

I looked at all different ways of planning my journey but found the easiest was to create a package with BA. Booked my flights from Heathrow, my car hire with Avis and finally my accommodation with Campanile all through the BA website (very easy and stress free).

The day had come it was time to start the international adventure.

I got on the train from #Leeds to London using Trainline very well priced using Virgin East Coast and headed down to London to catch the tube from Kings Cross to Heathrow Terminal 3

After a short time at the airport, the journey had begun and BA’s safety video was very funny.

It featured lots of celebrities on and was a pleasure to watch unlike some boring, outdated safety videos.

The flight took around 1 hr 15 mins not too bad at all. Arrived in France, picked up the car and drove to the hotel.

The following day I went to the wedding venue at 12.30pm and was met by one of the most beautiful chateaus I had ever seen. It was huge and placed perfectly within beautiful woodlands and gardens.

I met with Sonia who was the wife of the man who owned the Chateau. I was told it had been in his family for 400 years.

The time had come to go undercover so I got changed into my waiter attire. There I was serving all the unsuspecting guests.

Some even spoke in French to me (I don’t speak French) so I had to come up with a reason as to why I was there. Ermmm “yeah I have been flown over as the ambassador from the UK to represent the Chateau.” They all fell for it. Phew.

The wedding cake was cut and in-between serving the 3 course dinner provided by a Michelin star chef who was also from the UK (#Bristol) I was trying to gauge who was the party people amongst the unsuspecting guests.

I dropped the tray with all the knives and forks on as requested by the bride and everyone felt sorry for me as they thought I had made a mistake. #Fun.

The reveal happened and just like that I was singing to the guests. They didn’t have a clue. They were so shocked that Charlie and Ben had booked me and couldn’t contain there excitement.

They were all on their feet, singing, dancing, waving napkins. We all had to head to a different party of the venue to continue the party as we needed a bit more dancing space.

The set was done and it was time to say my goodbye. Before leaving though the Best man was asking me for singing lessons which I happily helped with. It turns out he is not tone deaf as his partner tells him all the time. Keep practising Jack (didn’t catch his name but looked like a Jack)

Back to the hotel I went to catch my early flight the next morning. And just like that I was back to Leeds after an amazing experience.

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