Meet Our Singing Waiters | Tommy Hughes (AKA Tommy Ryan)

Meet Our Singing Waiters | Tommy Hughes (AKA Tommy Ryan)

In today’s blog post, we’ll be continuing our series of interviews with the people that make singing waiters so special.

Tommy Hughes goes by the name of Tommy Ryan when he’s performing with the singing waiters. He originally trained to be a police officer but soon set his sights on the entertainments industry and we’re so glad he did!

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Tommy entertaining at the wonderful Dodford Manor

Hi Tommy, tell us about your career before joining the Undercover Waiters as one of their singing waiters.

I originally trained to be in the Police Force at college, but instead I decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In some ways I’ve come full circle, as we often pose as the Police for our performances! I got there in the end didn’t I!

I started off as a holiday park entertainer and through that met one of the Undercover Waiter team, Stevey Gee, who took me under his wing when I was 17, teaching me how to be a true performer. We created a duo together and really connected.

Since then, I’ve been touring the UK and Europe with my solo show, performing at holiday parks, hotels and festivals.

What is it like being a singing waiter?

The Undercover waters work is amazing. You turn up completely unknown to everyone at the wedding. Sometimes even the wedding staff don’t know who you are when you start working with them. It’s always amusing to be asked about when you started working for the venue!

I always enjoy the element of surprise when I perform with the singing waiters team. The looks on people’s faces when you start to sing after handing them their main course and drinks is priceless.

What do you bring to the singing waiters team?

I like to think I have a cheeky chap vibe that I try to get across to the guests during the show; sitting on people’s laps and winking at anyone and everyone whilst serenading them with a cheesy pop love song!

Any favourite moments performing with your fellow singing waiters?

One of my favourite moments was when myself and Stevey Gee turned up to a wedding venue and they had a lot of sickness that day so were struggling with staff.

I had worked on a bar in a previous life so offered to hop in the bar and started selling drinks. I think we’d probably served the whole wedding party within the hour! 

This made it all the more amazing when we surprised them with the performance later that day!

What do you love most about The Undercover Waiters?

There are three things for me. First, the people. We are such a close-knit bunch that it really doesn’t matter who I’m working with, it’s always amazing fun.

We all work really well together and have a method of working to make every performance different.

Then there’s the travel. I love going up and down the country (mainly the south and Midlands) seeing all the beautiful venues in the UK.

And last but certainly not least, it’s being a part of so many wonderful couples’ big days. It really does give me a sense of belonging and pride. 

What’s the secret to becoming a great singing waiter?

The ability to let go and have fun is the most important thing in my opinion. You need to be able able to fit in with any crowd as well as be a great people person. Oh yeah and being able to sing; that bit helps too! 

Why should people book secret singers for their next event?

If you’re looking for something totally different, fun and packed with the element of surprise for your whole wedding party, then The Undercover Waiters are the guys and girls for you. Sing along tunes to dancefloor fillers. The singing waiters do it all. 

Professionalism and fun are what we’re all about! It’s one of the reasons I’ve worked here for so long and will continue to as long as I can!

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