Meet Our Secret Singers | Andy Gale

Meet Our Secret Singers | Andy Gale

Welcome to the third instalment in our three-part interview series profiling our wonderful secret singers.

Today, we’ll be talking to Andy Gale about his career in the entertainment business, his favourite memories performing as a secret singer and his favourite ever venue.

Yorkshire's best kept singing secret

Hey Andy, tell us about your career thus far. How did you get into the world of entertainment?

I started performing at 14, and after a brief spell after school learning a trade, I went professional as a ‘coat style’ entertainer performing with a resident entertainment company performing in shopping centres across the UK and Europe.

I’ve been professional now for over 25 years and currently perform my one-man comedy vocal show in holiday parks, hotels and casinos. I also work in TV, film and advertising, playing a variety of roles in UK soap operas, dramas, documentaries, kids shows and TV adverts.

What is the best part about being a professional entertainer?

The travel is definitely up there! My job has taken me to places I wouldn’t have dreamed of visiting and I’m lucky enough to have been able to perform in so many incredible venues.

Tell us about one of your career highlights?

A good few years ago now when I was a kids entertainer I was lucky enough to be asked by a charity, who help really poorly children and their families, to accompany them on a trip to Lapland, I would be entertaining the kids on the way out and back.

No one told me what a wonderful time this would be for everyone on that plane!

When we landed in Lapland we were taken to a frozen lake where  we had snowball fights, built snowmen, had sleigh rides.

The day ended with a trip into the arctic circle to Santa’s Post Office to sea the ‘real’ Father Christmas.

There were several celebs from TV and Film on the trip as well, everyone joining in and having the best time.

A very very special day!

Tell us about your work as a secret singer. What do you bring to the table?

My years of experience in reading an audience, my comedy timing and my lack of inhibitions add a unique element to my performances. I’m not afraid to take someone’s hand and lead them in a conga or a sing off.

Besides performing as s secret singer, I also create the majority of the digital content for our social media, not only the stills but the videos as well.

The Undercover Waiters Leeds

Could you tell us about any memorable moments performing as with secret singers?

There have been loads! Some of the venues we perform at blow me away with their elegance, size and opulence. My favourite venue we’ve performed at is in Devon. It’s located on a huge cliff and looks out over the most incredible view.

But really, it’s always the people that create the lasting memories. The look of surprise on people’s faces when we start doing our thing is always priceless! I’ll never forget Lilly, a 90-year-old great grandma at a wedding that just would not stay sat down and insisted on dancing with us. Legend!

Why do you love being a secret singer?

What I love most about secret singers, is the spontaneity of it. The surprise factor of our performances makes the whole experience so much unique than your regular event entertainment.

What makes a great secret singer?

Besides the obvious talent that’s required, you need confidence, an ability to blend in, and you need to know how to read an audience. But the most important is someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. There’s no room for seriousness in this job!

Why should people book the services of The Undercover Waiters?

Between us, we have decades of experience! We know the business and we know exactly what people enjoy. And most importantly, we have a big customer satisfaction ethic to help make a special day even more special.

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